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What will I do that no other photographer can do for you?

I’m looking for that ‘something’ in each business that makes it unique. What are YOU offering? What are YOU trying to convey? What is brilliant about YOUR brand and makes YOU stand out? To say I care about your business sounds a little cliché but honestly, when I see my clients using their images and gaining new followers from them I know I've done my work well and it makes me smile. Knowing your business is growing with the freshness of your new images is a success in my book.

From the most timid to the most confident of my clients I’ve endeavoured to find their individual magic and bring that to the forefront of their images. When I envisage YOUR CLIENTS and CUSTOMERS looking at YOUR IMAGES I imagine what they are going to think.  I’m big on empathy, I think that’s what makes it easier for me to relate to your needs and in turn for me to convey your brand accurately.

"Knowing your business is growing with the freshness of your new images is a success in my book."

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Catherine the Photographer
Catherine the Family Girl  
Catherine the Adventurer


Inspired by years of snapping away on family holidays and admittedly being a frustrated artist unable to draw or paint I loved capturing moments to be looked at and kept as visual treasures.  I've always been into the story behind the picture. 


I couldn't wait to get my first DSLR camera (digital camera with interchangeable lenses) in 2007. From that point I set about learning to be a photographer, attending classes, studying internet sources, reading lots of study books and magazines.  I then mixed all that in with some sheer determination to learn all I could and put it into practise.

My first photography business experiences in 2010 were portraiture for friends and family, this soon developed on to a spell of baby photography, children's parties and eventually dabbling in wedding photography.  This lead me to the photography I do today and has given me a vast experience from studio set-ups to a reportage style and lots of interacting with individuals to work at getting the best results for their needs.


The third of four born to Maurice and Sheila in 1977 (yes, I am that old!).  The family has grown hugely over the years and I'm lucky enough to be aunty to 10, many of whom are grown up and have their own children now, making me a 'great' aunty.

I have teenage twin boys, and step-children who all keep me on my toes as well as a hardworking partner who supports me in my ventures.  Life at home is busy but there's a lot of love which I'm blessed to be surrounded by.

Being a family girl is helpful in my business as I understand how hard it can be for many of you setting up businesses and juggling work-life, family commitments. and being human! I'm not afraid to say I have a family and that they take a lot of my time and energy.  In fact they are the reason I work hard and do my best for my clients. At the end of the day I want my clients to get the best from what I do for them as I know your work impacts your family and that's important too.  

It was written in the stars


Life is for experiences and memories, it's a very precious thing to be treasured and shared.

As often as possible I fill my weekends with adventures, from the simplest family picnic to climbing a mountain I'll give it all a go.  

Some of my greatest memories include challenging obstacle course races, camping under the stars, going on a midnight trek, jumping from cliffs into the sea, catching a catfish in the night and clinging with fear to the top of Crib Gogh in Wales, a terrifying mountain traverse.  I've got a whole host of wonderful things to talk about and remember in time to come.  And, of course taken lots of photographs to back up the stories.

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