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Virtual Shoots with Catherine

Photoshoot with a difference

Are you feeling the cringe of not having a lovely bunch of photographs to hand? Maybe you desperately need new shots for your social media and website marketing. Humf! Frustrating isn't it?

I have the solution, let's do something easy.


LET'S GO VIRTUAL ...whoop! whoop!

That may be music to your ears or perhaps fill you with a little eek but hey don't fret, let me talk you through the what's, how's and should I's?



As long as you have either a smart phone, iPhone,  iPad or iTouch with ios 13 or later then we are good to go.  A separate device such as a laptop or iPad would also be handy as we'll use that to communicate effectively during the shoot.

It's a simple process...

First a zoom chat with me. I'll explain how the special app works and how you can set up for the shoot. We'll pick a suitable date (or this can be worked out later).

Then, in addition,  I'll send you a set of instructions to help guide you through the process.

Next you get to have a giggle and some fun having your photos taken virtually by me.

After, I sort and send the photos through to you.


At this point if you'd like any particular editing done to individual photos just let me know.  

Shoot Examples...

3 of Vardeep B.jpg

As shot from iPhone 8


Stylised edit

What the client had to say...

"Having a virtual shoot was so much easier than I thought it was going to be. Catherine chatted with me which helped me to relax and directed me through the process so I understood exactly what I was doing. I'm so impressed with the results I had no idea the quality would be so good."

Vardeep Edwards, The Branding Fox

3 of Angela.jpg

As shot from iPhone 11


Stylised edit

What the client had to say...

"I'm thrilled with my photos from Catherine. I really needed some new headshots but couldn't arrange an in-person photoshoot so Catherine arranged a remote shoot. I'm so impressed with the results, who knew my phone could take such good pictures...! Thank you Catherine"

Angela Bamford, AB Web Designs

A little inspiration from Jonathan's Shoot...

Jonathan would confess he was not the keenest to have his photo taken but had found himself in the 'I'm going to have to bite the bullet' position as he desperately needed to update his membership website and social channels. He was incredibly nervous about how he would look in his photos, as his experience of in-person photos had left him feeling awkward and rarely pleased with the results. 

Following a good talk about what he needed and a loose but reassuring plan we booked his date and went ahead with the virtual shoot.  With a feel for his vibrant personality (and some assistance from his wife re-positioning the camera) I knew we'd get some shots he'd be pleased with.

I think his initial email response to the edits says it all really ...

Screenshot 2021-03-02 at 16.58.45.png

He went on to write a 5 star review with this to say...

Screenshot 2021-03-02 at 17.05.03.png

Here's a sample of Jonathan's edits

Photocopy & Bold P1030467.jpg
Jonathan Bold Fence.jpg
Jonathan BlackRed.jpg

And here's what they've enabled him to do...

Wesbite cover update...

Screenshot 2021-03-02 at 17.16.30.png

Have a photos he's confident to use on his social posts to promote his business lives and guest appearances...

Screenshot 2021-03-02 at 17.17.33.png

Use his 'real' face on his YouTube thumbnails...

Screenshot 2021-02-16 at 11.36.37.png

Your Package

60-90 minute shoot

30+ photos ready to use


Additional hour shoot £75

Edits £30 (per photo)

*Preparation - Planning - Proofing all Included

star red.png
squiggle cornflower.png


How do I book?


Book an initial Zoom chat with me here, from there I'll guide you through the process.


What phone do I need?

A smartphone or Iphone.

I have an android phone, is this a problem?

No problem at all. You'll need to download the app from the relevant app store.


Do I need someone else to hold the iPhone?

Not necessary. If you do have a person about that would be capable of holding the phone or positioning it with my directions then that would be handy. But if you don't, no worries, I'll direct you to prop your phone using books, spare chairs, shelves, etc. If you have a tripod with a phone clamp that's ace and would work brilliantly.

Do I need a stable internet connection?

It would be helpful but don't worry if your internet drops out we can reconnect.

What time of day will the photoshoot be?

To get the best results we'll need the times when the sunlight is best. In the UK that is currently between 10 and 3pm.  

I don't live in the UK can I still have a photoshoot?

Yes I'd love that, happy to arrange a time that would suit your time zone for planning and a shoot.

Is the photo quality good enough to use on a website?

Yes the resolution of the images will be suitable for use on a website. Following the planning session with you I will endeavour to position your shots suitable for your requirements. Therefore they will be suitable for social media, marketing and website use. Photos shot in the best light conditions are most likely to be the best quality.

Will the photos be clear or grainy in appearance?

Depending on the phone quality and the available light for your shots they may appear with some grain. I will do my best to reduce this in the edited stages.

I'm not sure what to wear?

That's ok, I can point you in the right direction during the planning.

I'm worried my space/location isn't good enough?

During the planning stage I ask you to snap some photos or take a short video of your available spaces for me so I can plan ahead of time where might be best to use. You'd be surprised how easily a space can be used with a bit of creative thinking.

My space is messy, will I need to tidy?

A tidy space is easier to work with but don't worry about the few bits and bobs that are around. It's likely I may ask you to move objects about if I spot they are distracting to the scene. It's also totally ok if one side of the room is in one will ever know.

When will I pay?

I'll send you an invoice to confirm your shoot date. Any additional time or edits will be invoiced after completion of the work.

When do I download the app?

When we have our initial chat I'll tell you about the app and ask you to download it. You will need to agree with the terms of the app in order to download it. For the shoot you will be sent a link to join from your phone that will enable me to take control of your camera (ONLY your camera, I will not have access to anything else) via the app.

How do you send me the proofs/photos?

When the photographs are taken they will download to my cloud (you will not be able to see them at this point). I will then do an initial sort through and send you through your photos via a WeTransfer link for you to download. Final edits are also sent via WeTransfer.

Is it ok if my kids are around?

Of course. It's also ok if you need to take breaks to sort things out or check your little one. If they are to be in any photos I need your permission for me to take and store their photographs, thank you.

While you consider booking a virtual shoot you may like to read what my personal brand clients say about me...

"We had so much fun on the shoot we did together in London, the resulting shots are nothing short of excellent as I was at ease and enjoyed the whole experience. They were natural and full of radiant energy as Catherine knows how to draw the best out of people."


Sarah Potter, Hypnotherapist & Coach


"What a brilliant experience! I had to get some pro photos done quickly, Catherine completely got the brief, and set to work to create some brilliant head shots. She located a perfect back drop, and made everything feel easy. She makes you relax, laugh and enjoy the experience. Can highly recommend for a stress free photo shoot."


Eleanor Tweddell, Author & Podcaster 

Ready to book your virtual shoot with Catherine? Let's chat...

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arrow red.png

*I will collect your name and email from the 'Book your Zoom' links so I can contact you. If one day you decide you'd rather not hear from me you'll be able to unsubscribe via my emails. Thank you.

© 2021 Entirely Catherine Photography

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