Awesome photographs for fabulous folk who market their small business online 

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"I want to plan a shoot with you that brings your brand to life, with your energy, fun and enthusiasm and show off your personality, how ever quirky or lively. I want to make YOU stand out."


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Wouldn't you just love a fresh new photo that looks like you instead of that old one you keep rolling out that doesn't fit with your brand let alone look like you?

Maybe you've had photos taken by a professional before but they just don't suit your marketing needs plus and you can't get them to fit on your website anyway.

I bet you've been making excuses and putting off a having a shoot for a while now, waiting for the right time of year, fitting it in around your family and other commitments or saying to yourself 'I'll just loose a few pounds first'...well! I ask you, do you want your business to look amazing and stand out from the crowd? If you answered yes, then it's time to get those photos taken


Let me help you.

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Janet Murray

"I used to hate having my photo taken"


Catherine's great at putting people at ease, coming up with creative ideas and delivering a quick turnaround on editing

John Espirian

"This is going to elevate my brand!"


Fun photo session...Hundreds of high-quality photos to choose from...I appreciated Catherine's relaxed style.

Sarah Potter

"The resulting shots are

nothing short of excellent"

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Catherine knows how to draw the best out of people.

She is talented and very passionate and it shows in her work and how much fun it is to work with her!

Where will you find me?

London and surrounding areas although I love to travel so please do mention if you are further afield.