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Photo Shoot Packages

Stand-out, personality capturing photographs

I’m so glad you’re here for a peek. Wondering exactly what I can do for you with the magic of a new set of photos? Well, to begin, you could call it a brand shoot, most people do. And yes, it has quite a bit to do with your ‘brand’ but what does that really mean when it comes to your photographs?

Get Inspired...Studio or location?

Photos as unique as you and your business.

Simply put...

I’m going to take the words you use to describe what you do and how you do it, the person you are, and the clients you want and I’m going to mix all that together and turn it into a set of photographs that are unmistakably YOU. Tah dah!

star raffia.png

Can you imagine photographs that will speak loudly and proudly of what makes you unique? Singing out your personality and stamping a great big, wonderful impression into the minds of your potential customers. How exciting to jazz up your website with images you are truly proud of, don’t you think? Dream of it now - happily giving out your website, blog and sales links, even revamping your YouTube thumbnails and prepping for your podcast. It’s almost a fairytale come true huh?


Phuff and big sigh!

Imagine that huge relief to be sharing your new photos amongst your selfies, memes and videos. That cringe factor that used to come over you when you had to send a headshot for a collab post, once and for all banished. Bet you’ll even wish you’d booked in sooner. Hey ho!

squiggle bittersweet.png

Goodness, you'll be so damn happy with that lovely ‘woohoo’ feeling. At last you’ve treated your business to it’s much needed uplift. Now going in the direction you’ve dreamed about for so long. Honestly, just by having new photos you’ll be placing a gigantic bobbly piece of the puzzle into your marketing machine.

As I said in the beginning, I’m so glad you are here. Welcome. Now let's see what I can do for you...

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How does planning a photoshoot work?

It's ok, I've got you. And it's going to be fun!

First thing is to book an initial call so you can check me out and make sure I'm on your wave length and I can get a feel for your requirements.

Once you are ready to proceed we'll start the planning stages, gathering ideas for locations, outfits, focussing on the styling and feel that will suit your business. You provide the info and I provide the creativity, support and photography skills making it an easy and fun process.

Steps 1, 2 and 3...

Photoshoot planning A

Steps 4, 5 and 6...

Photoshoot planning B

More about what's included...

As standard your main photographs will be edited to fit and look awesome on your website and profiles. In addition to the usual tweaks and tidies to the images I'll make extended versions for banners plus transparencies for the images that suit that use.  

You'll also get a 'ready set' of images which are pretty much as you would see them without the need of editing - just perfectly useful as they are.

circle cornflower.png

How some of the editing magic works...

Brand photo editing A
Brand photo editing B
Brand photo editing C

But what's a 'ready set' of photographs?

camera raffia.png
Sudha Singh Stock Brand Photography.png
Claire Ashton Stock Brand Photos.png

A 'ready set' is your personal 'stock' made just for you and ideal for keeping things consistently on brand. Easy peasy for creating your social posts and other spaces like your sales pages, blogs, etc.


These are suitable for creating eye catching, engaging and attractive posts, starting conversations and adding life to your visual content. 

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The Packages

The Awesome

15 x Photographs PLUS 10 x 'ready set' images

Shot on location


The Awesome Star

20 x Photographs PLUS 30 x 'ready set' images

Shot on location


The Awesome Expert

30 x Photographs PLUS 60 x 'ready set' images

Location & Studio shots


The Awesome VIP

Ask for details

*All packages include travel for London & South East

Additional edits and 'ready pics' can be purchased for all packages

All packages are subject to an image license. See example here.

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