Brand Shoot Packages

Stand-out, personality capturing headshots

Branded social media and website photography is about more than just a great photo, it's also about leaving space, eye drawing angles, careful cropping, consistency AND striking recognisable images. This is what I do. I take my time to understand your business and the clients you want to appeal to. The end result is a photograph that is more than just what you see, it's also about making a visual connection and feeling.

What can you expect when planning a shoot with me?

Firstly let me reassure you, from the planning stages to the shoot day you are in safe hands. Often people come to me with a tiny handful of ideas and a ton of questions. Most of them are nervous or uncertain about various aspects of a professional photo shoot. It's ok, I've got you.

Step one is for an initial call so you can check me out and make sure I'm on your wave length and I can get a feel for your requirements.

Once you are ready to proceed we'll start the planning stage, gathering ideas for locations, outfits, focussing on the styling and feel that will suit your brand. You provide the info and I provide the creativity, support and skills.

Planning time can vary from person to person depending on readiness for shoot and deadlines. So anything from a week to a couple of months is normal. 


What can you expect on shoot day?

We'll meet at the chosen location and spend around 2-4 hours together depending on shoot requirements.


I'll have my lenses and all I need on a belt and in my backpack and of course my camera around my neck.  I don't use any additional lighting when outside but may bring some small portable flash lighting for indoor work. I also bring a little folding step which comes in handy as I'm short! I suggest you bring any props or outfit changes in a small wheeled suitcase.

I'll support you with directions for movement and positions, you'll be comfortable and natural. We'll also chat away, I'd love to hear how you started your business and also what adventures you've had in life - I'm a big fan of adventures! 

It's quite likely we will have some fun along the way too. So come prepared for a giggle. 


I love the idea of putting some pizazz into your photographs. That's always my aim.

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What can you expect after the shoot?

I'll look through your photographs and sort them into a set of 'top choices'. I'll do a mini batch-edit tweak to these proofs then send them over. This should save you time and help make your choices easier. However, if you should need further support I use Loom video for feedback and ideas.

Once I receive your edit list I schedule an edit date (normally within a day or so of receiving the list, any priority shots just let me know).

Each image goes through my editing process which includes balancing light, colour saturation, contrast and other effects that lend themselves to the overall style of your image. I then take a look at the details of the image, including changing colours, removing unwanted objects, and some skin touch ups if necessary (let's face it we all get the odd spot from time to time). There are times when I layer an image and make selections to add effects, adjustments and filters to backgrounds.

Finished photo files are transferred to you via WeTransfer.

I store the original photo files and edits for up to 5 years after your shoot. You may order further edits at later dates if required.

Headshot Packages*


Ideal if you ONLY want headshots


5 Headshots (head, half and full body)



Ideal if you are looking to create a set of fresh updated images for your marketing


10 Full Edits (mix of headshots and stock photographs)



Ideal if you know you'll need a larger set of photographs to cover your marketing needs


15 Full Edits (mix of headshots and stock photographs)




Ideal if you are marketing online consistently and looking to take your social media presence up a notch


15 Edits (mix of headshots and stock photographs)

30 days of stock shots prepared for your main social media platform specifications.


PLUS - some special extras to ensure you are ready to promote your business beyond just your photoshoot.

2 x 1/2 hour consultations with a personal stylist to support you with putting together and styling for your shoot outfits.

2 x 1 hour consultations with an expert make-up artist to support you with tips and tricks that will give you confidence and enhance your current skills.


*All packages include travel for London & South East within reasonable distance from DA10

Additional edits can be purchased for all packages at £30 each (either at the time of the shoot or at a later date should they be needed)

All packages are subject to an image license. See example here.


Why are stock photos included in the packages?

Helping your business to have consistent visual branding is important to me. Therefore it makes sense to have these shots included in your package.