Example License

License and Terms of Use for Images

Example - details to be agreed with clients at time of booking

Photographs taken on XXX (insert date) at XXX (insert place) by the photographer Catherine Berry are licensed for use by XXX (insert name) for the marketing and promotion of XXX (insert business)


Permitted uses for the images are:

  • digital marketing purposes throughout the UK

  • website pages for XXX (insert business)

  • social media posts/covers and related marketing of events for XXX (insert business)

  • printed materials such as workbooks and leaflets for XXX (insert business)

  • third party use of the images for promotion of XXX (insert name) appearing at their event/podcast/social media live in relation to XXX (insert business)

  • use on digital displays that XXX (insert name) is presenting at

  • on the book sleeve or cover written by XXX (insert name) 

The photographer, Catherine Berry, agrees that alterations and editing of the photographs is permitted in keeping with XXX (insert business) branding aesthetics. Catherine Berry does not accept alterations to the photographs that degrade or reflect poorly on the quality of her work and therefore reserves the right to make contact with XXX (insert name) and retract permission for alterations. Catherine Berry will have to contact in writing the client XXX for this and allow up to 30 days for photographs to be removed or returned to their original edit as completed by Catherine Berry.

The licence is valid for a period of 5 years from XXX (insert date). 

The copyright for the images remains with the photographer Catherine Berry (of Entirely Catherine Photography). Should any uses other than those mentioned above be required Catherine Berry should be contacted and an extended licence be requested.  

By signing this agreement you agree a model release to Catherine Berry to use the photographs XXX (insert date) in her marketing of Entirely Catherine Photography and on her website for an indefinite period and throughout the world. You also confirm that third parties (such as at an event) appearing in the photographs have agreed a model release with you that will allow for Catherine Berry to use the images for the marketing of Entirely Catherine Photography for a period no less than 3 years and throughout the world.

Signed and agreed by...XXX (insert names)