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Event & Speaker Photo Packages

Enticing, 'brought-to-life' event photographs

If you are planning an event you probably already have in mind that getting great shots would be useful for your future marketing.  Photographs are a great way to capture the vibe, interactions and key moments. They can be used in your blogs, further promotions, newsletters, and even be turned into a captivating slide show that will have people keen to book a place for your next event. 

However big or small your event don't let the chance to have some professional photos taken.

I specialise in event shoots for small workshops up to events of around 200 people.

Do I really need to get a photographer to take the photographs?


Ever tried to juggle running an event with taking a few phone snaps only to be disappointed by the results?


'Book-me-now' speaker photos

Perhaps you've been booked as a speaker at an event? Surely you'll want to promote you and your business from this? Don't miss the chance to have some professional photographs taken for your website, blog and social media posts.

You won't want to miss the opportunity to capture you being fabulous. 

What you can expect from planning to shoot?

Before the shoot I'll get a clear idea of any specific shots you require. Some clients like to provide a shot list, or I can create one.

Working from the prepared shot list I'll focus on capturing the significant moments from speakers and demos to  delegate reactions. The aim will be to capture a perfect set of photographs that will show off the awesomeness of your event.  I'll pick out and shoot key details from practical sessions. I'll also capture natural shots between people at the event so as to capture the vibe.

What can you expect after the shoot?

To save you sifting through hundreds of photographs I'll sort through them for you. I'll create 2 folders for you a 'most  useful' folder and an 'all others' folder. I'll make some batch editing tweaks to these photographs so ensure a professional polish to your photographs.

Finished photo files are transferred to you via WeTransfer.

I store the original photo files and edits for up to 5 years after your shoot.

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Event Packages

Event & Speaker Photography Packages*


For 2 hour events

High resolution image files



For events up to 5 hours

High resolution image files

£ 595


For events up to 8 hours

High resolution image files


*All packages include travel for London & South East within reasonable distance from DA10

All packages are subject to an image license. See example here.

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