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Atomicon 2023
Virtual Shoot Offer

Hi my lovely Atomicon friend!

Welcome to my extra special, exclusive Atomicon 2023 offer page. You've arrived here because you were lucky enough to be given one of my very special QR codes created for this event.  (Note - this page is hidden from my main website and is only accessible using the QR code).

Curious to know more about virtual photoshoots? Please read on.


(and don't forget to watch out for that 'only for my Atomicon friends' offer)...

An easy, alternative way to get new photographs of you

Sometimes running your own business leaves you with little or no time for the 'extras' that would make your online marketing and website look a touch more fabulous. Things like having a decent set of useable photos taken of yourself have been pushed to the bottom of the to-do list, right?

Are you a business owner that would love a quick and easy way to get photographs for your website and social media?

You are? Great! But a full, in-person shoot isn't for you right now? Bet you'd love a really quick fix, or at the very least a new profile shot? Perhaps a few others pics would be handy too, afterall your always going to need something for your social media content and to jazz up your sales pages and  lead magnets. Wouldn't it be fab to have something that would stop you having to roll your eyes or cringe at the photos (or lack of photos) you have at the moment would be a complete bonus wouldn't it?

How about we find you the next possible date for a virtual photo shoot? Don't leave it to the last minute though as I work these type of shoots around my in-person bookings and want to make sure you have secured a slot at your earliest convenience.

I started virtual shoots a couple of years back when people like you weren't able to have in-person photos taken. They were keen to find alternatives and didn't want...


  • The bother of attempting selfies

  • To 'make-do' with what ever cringy photos they were using!


Hey presto! They used their noodle to ask a professional photographer with years of experience (that's me!) to simply take the photos from the comfort of their home. Even I was surprised to find how easy it was to batch up a great set of photographs without even being in the same room.


Virtual photoshoots quickly became the fun, easy alternative to a traditional shoot.

So, what's included for your
virtual photoshoot?

Wiggle in circle Hover.png

Simple & Quick Preparation

Pre-Shoot Prompt Sheet

So you know exactly what to expect, we'll have a chat and I'll also send you a 'how to set-up' tip sheet which includes a link to the app we'll use for the shoot.

What's App

For support with outfit choosing and planning your space set up.

Camera in circle Hover.png

Virtual Photoshoot

90 Minute Shoot

Plenty of time for Catherine to work with you and capture some fab new photos.

Dot in circle Hover.png

Proofing Magic

Hassle Free Sorting

Catherine will sort through the photographs taken and pick the very best for a quick batch edit (perk up the colours, light, etc).

Examples of proofing magic...

Photo as shot using iPhone 8

Photo after quick editing tweak

3 of Vardeep B.jpg
3 of Vardeep B.jpg

What the client had to say...

"Having a virtual shoot was so much easier than I thought it was going to be. Catherine chatted with me which helped me to relax and directed me through the process so I understood exactly what I was doing. I'm so impressed with the results I had no idea the quality would be so good."

Vardeep Edwards, The Branding Fox

Photo as shot using iPhone 11

3 of Angela.jpg

Photo after quick editing tweak

3 of Angela.jpg

What the client had to say...

"I'm thrilled with my photos from Catherine. I really needed some new headshots but couldn't arrange an in-person photoshoot so Catherine arranged a remote shoot. I'm so impressed with the results, who knew my phone could take such good pictures...! Thank you Catherine"

Angela Bamford, AB Web Designs

arrow red.png
Heart in circle Hover.png


30+ Awesome Pics Ready

Catherine will send the photos over to you using WeTransfer. You download from there and enjoy!

For your website and content just like these...

Laura R 1.png
Laura R 2.png
Georgia VS Examples.png
Georgia Testimonial VS.png
Sally F 1.png
Sally F 2.png

Fabulous quick, easy, new photographs

No more 'making-do' or struggling to find a photo of you that will enable you to promote your business confidently. Just think, all your photo content needs sorted in a jiffy, in a fun, alternative way. Awesome stuff huh?

You can do this...

As long as you have either an Android phone or iPhone then we are good to go.  A separate device such as a laptop or iPad would also be handy - we'll use that to communicate effectively during the shoot via Zoom. Ready to get started? Then let's have a chat and plan your shoot.

It's a simple process...

  • First we'll have a Zoom 'hello' call. I'll explain how the special app works and how you can set up for the shoot. You can check with me about the space you have available to use. You'd be surprised that even the tiniest of spaces can work.

  • I'll pop you over a prompt sheet with instructions that will help guide you through the process (I'll also send the invoice to be paid that will firm up your chosen date).

  • We'll connect via What's App so I can quickly answer any questions you might have or if you should need help with outfit selection.

  • Then it's time for you to have a giggle and some fun having your photos taken virtually by me.

  • After the shoot, I'll sort and lightly tweak the photographs so they are ready and send the photos through to you.

camera yellow.png

Your Virtual Shoot Package

90 minute shoot

30+ photos ready to use

normally £225*


Use Code: Atomicon23 (when booking our zoom)

Additional hour shoot £85

*Preparation - Planning - Proofing all Included

star red.png
squiggle bahia.png


How do I book?


Book an initial Zoom chat with me here, from there I'll guide you through the process.


What phone do I need?

A smart phone, either Android or Iphone. Both are fine.

I have an android phone, is this a problem?

No problem at all. You'll need to download the app from the relevant app store. I'll send you a link for this, so it's easy to find.


Do I need someone else to hold the iPhone?

Not necessary. If you do have a person about that would be capable of holding the phone or positioning it with my directions then that would be handy. But if you don't, no worries, I'll direct you to prop your phone using books, spare chairs, shelves, etc. If you have a tripod with a phone clamp that's ace and would work brilliantly.

Do I need a stable internet connection?

It would be ideal but don't worry if your internet drops out unexpectedly we can reconnect.

What time of day will the photoshoot be?

To get the best results we'll need the times when the sunlight is best in your space.

I don't live in the UK can I still have a photoshoot?

Yes I'd love that, happy to arrange a time that would suit your time zone for planning and a shoot.

Is the photo quality good enough to use on a website?

Yes the resolution of the images will be suitable for use on a website. However the image quality can vary dependent on the quality of phone camera and it's capabilities under the light conditions for your room.


Following the planning session with you I will endeavour to position your shots suitable for your requirements. Therefore they will be suitable for social media, marketing and website use.


Photos shot in the best light conditions are most likely to be the best quality.

Will my photos need editing?

Your photos will be batch edited to help enhance light, colour and overall look. I'll do my best to perfect the photo as I take it. Dependent on the space used and wall fixings etc - you may choose to request some editing touches that remove features or change details. Usually this is only required for a main website image where more of the photo is likely to be used rather than a cropped version.

There is an additional charge for individual photo editing.

Will the photos be clear or grainy in appearance?

Depending on the phone camera quality and the available light for your shots they may appear with some grain. I will do my best to reduce this in the batch editing stage if need be.

Will I be able to cut-out and create transparencies from my photos?

Yes. Many people do, it's very on-trend to use these type of photos for your social media in amongst graphics. 


To get the best result for these type of photos we'll need a plain background that you contrast well against.

I'm not sure what to wear?

That's ok, I can point you in the right direction during the planning.

I'm worried my space/location isn't good enough?

During the planning stage I ask you to snap some photos or take a short video of your available spaces for me so I can plan ahead of time where might be best to use. You'd be surprised how easily a space can be used with a bit of creative thinking.  We connect via What's App for this, although if you prefer not to use What's App we can communicate via email.

My space is messy, will I need to tidy?

A tidy space is easier to work with but don't worry about the few bits and bobs that are around. It's likely I may ask you to move objects about if I spot they are distracting to the scene. It's also totally ok if one side of the room is in chaos (that's normal btw) one will ever know!

When will I pay?

I'll send you an invoice to confirm your shoot date. Any additional time or individual edits will be invoiced after completion of the work.

When do I download the app and how will we connect to take the photographs?

When we have our initial chat I'll tell you about the app and ask you to download it. You will need to agree with the terms of the app in order to download it. 


At the time of the shoot we'll connect via Zoom. I'll then ask for your 'model' code which you'll find on the app. We'll then be connected via Zoom and the app at the same time. The app will only enable me to take control of your camera, I will not have access to anything else.

How do you send me the photos?

When the photographs are taken they will download to my cloud (you will not be able to see them at this point). I will then proof them, tweak the photos for light, colour, etc and send them over to your email address via WeTransfer.  You will need to download them in order to keep them. The link will expire, so please be sure to let me know if you are not going to be available for downloading, I'm happy to hold on and transfer when you are ready.

Is it ok if my kids are around?

Of course. It's also ok if you need to take breaks to sort things out or check your little one. If they are to be in any photos I need your permission for me to take and store their photographs, thank you.


Are there any purposes I cannot use my photos for?

No. Your virtual shoot photographs are for you to use, however you wish - I get great pride from seeing them jazzing up your socials and website

An easy, alternative way to get
new photos of you

No more struggling to find a photo to use. Just think, all your photo needs sorted in a jiffy, with a fabulous batch of photographs - all ready to use on your website and in your content so that you can market your business confidently. Shall we get started?

Ready to book your virtual shoot with Catherine? Let's chat...

*I will collect your name and email from the 'Book your Zoom' links so I can contact you. If one day you decide you'd rather not hear from me you'll be able to unsubscribe via my emails. Thank you.

© 2023 Entirely Catherine Photography

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