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How I chose my new business name and what it could mean for you

I am a real business person. I, like many of you have my own set of struggles, challenges and learning curves to negotiate which help place me in a good position to assist you in planning your photographs and help bring your brand alive. I honestly appreciate the struggles and challenges you are meeting.

Entirely Catherine Photography was once called Catherine Berry Photography. I renamed my business and here's the story.

Back to February...

"Seems I’m braving a whole bunch of things recently in preparing to re-launch my website and refresh my branding. I can no longer put off the name change I've been mulling over for a year or more. Yes, at least that long!

Why bother with the change? A change in my personal circumstances has meant I no longer identify with ‘Catherine Berry Photography’ as a service from ME. Whilst I accept it''s a catchy, memorable name, and has served me well for years I'm now uncomfortable with it and know in my heart I want to change it. What to though?

Obvious suggestions like 'Catherine’s Photography' or 'Photography by Catherine' have seemed like front-runners for a while. But they just sound so bland, non-identifying, just boring to be honest, I don't connect with them. A quick check on Google and I've soon found those names are already in use anyway, surprise, surprise.

I could use a family name or make up a whole new surname. People have giggled when I've said my maiden name was Legg – hmm nothing wrong with the name just not one I really feel would work, let’s put it that way. Still I'm left with the problem of identifying with the name and feeling confident it feels enough like it belongs to me.

I've explored using a completely different word to represent my business. One idea has been to use the name of my favourite flower or something else personal to me. 'Alstro Photography' (alstroemeria being the flower I love) had a bit of a ring but the personal touch of using my name was being lost.

I think at this point I've realised I truly wanted my name in the title, people know me, like my work, and trust I can deliver them what they are wanting in their photographs. So ‘Catherine’ needs keeping."

The conclusion to this story comes in the simplest of moments...

I realised my business brand was quite simply me, ‘Just’ Catherine. With the use of a thesaurus and a bit of playing with word order 'Entirely Catherine Photography' was created. Sometimes the obvious, more simple option is right in front of you.

Welcome to Entirely Catherine Photography

Working with entrepreneurs and small businesses.


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