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Attending Atomicon 2021?

Me too... and I cannot wait! 

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Need new photos of you?

Perfect! That's something I can help with.

Do you want to grab the opportunity to update your social profiles and perhaps gather a few shots for your website? 


I have a fab offer for you. Just select if you'd like 15 minutes for a profile photo or an hour of your time for a 'mini brand' shoot - couldn't be easier.


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Let's face it, you want to look fab and stand out on your social media pages. Especially as you'll be putting in a lot of work from the things you learn at Atomicon. Don't go home cringing at the thought your profile isn't looking awesome!


With all the new connections you're going to make you'll never know when that call to join a podcast or live show is going to come. The question is, do you have a photo that you're happy sharing, makes you look fab and gives you the confidence boost you need to point people to your social media and website? No? Hmmm, then you know what to do.

Ready to get started?

Simply need a new photo for your profile?

Not a problem, just grab a half hour with me and I'll take you a snazzy, stand out photo for your profile. 

How's that for simple?

I'll send you through the proof photos to choose from, you pick 1 and I'll add a touch of editing magic to get your photo ready for use. 

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Needing a little more to jazz up your socials?

How does 20 'on brand' new photos sound?

Yep! You heard right. Think of it as a mini brand shoot. I'll be taking a good range of photos based on our pre-shoot chat, so maybe a mixture of 'You' photos with a mixture of 'prop' set-up photos. I'll give you all the guidance you'll need, plus it'll be a whole bunch of fun, not at all scary as you might imagine.

Imagine... you may like to use your 20 photographs, one a day for a whole month (weekends off)! Or every other day for 2 months, do you see where I'm going with this? Basically you'll have oodles of photos to keep you going for a good long while. Plus don't forget each photo can be used more than once.

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Crikey 20 photos, really?

Amazing what can be achieved in an hour.

Using my creative skills we'll make the most of the location backdrops and local spaces.

The results will give you a set of 20 photographs that can be used across your socials, website, blogs basically anywhere that needs a touch of 'visual oomph!' 

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The plan...


Let's book a pre-shoot chat so I can get a feel for your business and what you intend to use your photographs for. Also, for you to get to know me and ask any questions you may have. Click the link shown to book a 'hello' zoom and we'll get started.

I'll be arriving to the event the weekend before Atomicon (Tuesday 9th) to scout the perfect backdrops for all the lovely folk who book my offer.

Each shoot is 15mins or an hour. All you need to do is select the option which suits you best.


If you would like something more comprehensive and bespoke to your brand, changes of outfit, etc please ask and we'll make arrangements to fit around the event.

Janet Murray

"I used to hate having my photo taken"


Catherine's great at putting people at ease, coming up with creative ideas and delivering a quick turnaround on editing

John Espirian

"This is going to elevate my brand!"


Fun photo session...Hundreds of high-quality photos to choose from...I appreciated Catherine's relaxed style.

Sarah Potter

"The resulting shots are

nothing short of excellent"

Sarah Potter by Catherine Berry.jpg

Catherine knows how to draw the best out of people.

She is talented and very passionate and it shows in her work and how much fun it is to work with her!


Simply Profile

£50 (Only available for the event)



  • Pre-shoot 'hello' call to confirm if you'd like a formal or less formal background for your photo

  • 15-20 mins for your profile photo to be taken

  • I'll send you through the proof photos

  • You choose 1 for editing

  • I'll edit and send you through your photo ready cropped for profile plus a high resolution version

Mini Brand Shoot

£295 (Normally £425)



  • Pre-shoot planning chat

  • One hour photo-shoot

  • I'll tweak, sort and send you through the proof photos

  • You select 3 for editing

  • I'll then take the hassle out of further selecting by sorting you a set of 20 photos ready to use for social media

  • You receive 3 edited photos (suitable for your website) PLUS 20 photos (for use on your chosen social media platform)

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Remaining Shoot Time Availability

Shoot times are from 7:30am. Last shoot start time 3:30pm

Sunday 7th - limited availability

Monday 8th - limited availability

Thursday 10th - FULLY BOOKED

Ready to find out more?

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