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Formula For Your Best Headshots Yet! - Top 3 Steps

You've found a great photographer whom you feel comfortable working with and who you've witnessed creates great shots, the type you'd like for your marketing. And now you've made the decision to get booked in for some headshots and are wondering what you can do to prepare for the day. Follow my top three steps towards your best headshots yet and let me know in the comments if you have some ideas of your own.

Catherine's top three steps

1) Collect Images

Use Pinterest to create a board of images you like the look and feel of. Perhaps it’s the outfit or the position of the person in the photograph drawing you to the image? Maybe it’s something about the lighting, colours or the general composition? PIN IT!

You can edit your selection as you go but in the first instance just add everything. You’ll find as you spend time thinking about your photographs you’ll hone your ideas. Don’t be afraid to add photos of things you don’t like too – I find it helpful when my clients are clear with their instructions to say ‘I don’t like this…’

If Pinterest isn't for you perhaps collect your images in a file and send it over to your photographer once you are ready. You could even annotate the images with your thoughts. It's also great to take outfit and location snaps with your phone, collect as many thoughts and ideas as you can, it'll all prove useful in the end.

2) Consider your location

Whether you’re wanting indoor or outdoor shots, location with a space and background you are comfortable with is important. After all, you are aiming to conjure up just the right look and feel for your brand.

REMEMBER even the smallest of indoor places can be creatively used. AND the least desirable of outdoor spaces can still be utilised. A well executed blurred background can lend itself effectively to most environments.

3) COMMUNICATE with your photographer

Tell your photographer about your business and what it is you are trying to achieve in your profile or marketing. Tell them about the images you’ve collected, and indeed show them. Talk about your possible locations, maybe consider using both indoor and outdoor spaces to make the most of your shoot time. You're photographer will help you to plan this. Do you need just headshots or would some half and full body shots also be useful? Tell them about the platforms you plan to use your images, social media, website, etc.

Most of all pick a photographer who is supporting you in this planning stage. They should have a wealth of ideas, tips and pointers to help you feel confident you are going to achieve your VERY BEST headshots.

Enjoy the process, it can be fun once you get going.


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