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Stock Photo Packages

On-brand, consistent stock photography

Stock shots are a collection of images that can be used to expand the visual side of your brand beyond your headshot. These shots might include close ups of hands holding objects, feet walking, objects in an arrangement, etc. They contribute to the 'story' of your business and tie together themes in your brand.


Why do I suggest you have stock photos taken?

  • How about a set of photographs unique to your business, making your brand stand out and recognisable.

  • No more trawling stock sites for the perfect photo

  • Images at-hand ready for your next social media post, blog, newsletter or website.

Either we can plan a 'stock only shoot' or maybe consider combining with some new headshots. By including these photographs at the time of your headshot shoot you ensure a consistent 'on brand' look to your imagery that can be used across your marketing. 

How do we plan a 'stock only' shoot?

Step one is for an initial call so you can check me out and make sure I'm on your wave length and I can get a feel for your requirements. I'll want to know about your business and any plans you have for developing your ideas and marketing. I'll want to hear about the 'feel' of your brand through the language you use, the clients you are aiming to entice and any thoughts you have regarding the visual side of your brand.  

Together we'll work on ideas for the styling of your stock shoot. We may need to involve models, and purchase relevant objects. Often things can be kept more simple by using existing objects you own and/or being part of the shoot yourself. Location may or may not play a roll too, I'll support you with this.

What can you expect on shoot day?

We'll meet at the chosen location and spend around 2-4 hours together depending on shoot requirements.


On the shoot day we'll be ready to create some unique shots for your business. I provide all the creative thinking and direction, making it a fun experience for you. You may even pick up some tips for creating your own stock in the future.

If only objects are to be used for the shoot it may not be necessary for you to be present if you'd rather not.

What can you expect after the shoot?

I'll sort your photographs into a set of 'top choices'. I'll do a mini batch-edit tweak to these proofs then send them over. This should save you time and help make your choices easier. However, if you should need further support I use Loom video for feedback and ideas.

Once I receive your edit list I schedule an edit date (normally within a day or so of receiving the list, any priority shots just let me know).

Each image goes through my editing process which includes balancing light, colour saturation, contrast and other effects that lend themselves to the overall style of your image. I then take a look at the details of the image, including changing colours, or creating transparencies. There are times when I layer an image and make selections to add effects, adjustments and filters to backgrounds.

Finished photo files are transferred to you via WeTransfer.

I store the original photo files and edits for up to 5 years after your shoot. You may order further edits at later dates if required.

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Stock Photography Packages*


Ideal for use on blogs and newsletters


10 Stock Edits

High Resolution Image Files



Ideal for social media use and revamping your website

20 Stock Edits

High resolution image files

£ 375


Ideal if you want a set of 'ready-to-go' stock images for your marketing and website

30 Stock Edits

High resolution and web-ready image files

15 days of stock shots prepared for your favourite social media platform specifications




Ideal if you want your brand to 'stand-out' visually across your social media, marketing and website


30 Stock Edits

High resolution and web-ready image files


Random crop versions of each image for inspiration


30 days of stock shots prepared for your top two social media platform specifications


*All packages include travel for London & South East within reasonable distance from DA10

Additional edits can be purchased for all packages at £20 each (either at the time of the shoot or at a later date should they be needed)

All packages are subject to an image license. See example here.

Stock Packages
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